Automated updates

Violinist will run continuously and give you pull requests to all updates in real time.

Fully integrated

Violinist does not get in the way of your current workflow. Just keep on working with your repository, and pull requests will stay up-to-date, and you can merge them when it fits with your release schedule.


Along with the pull requests you will get a list of changes to the project you depend on, so you can review if they seem like breaking changes to your application.


A missing link

The year was 2017. I (eiriksm) was pleased with the evolution in the land of php. After making countless projects in node.js and experiencing really good dependency management, composer had finally come with full force as the true way of managing Drupal projects. I was pleased. But something was missing. More automation!

More automation

For many years, I have been a huge fan of managing my projects with continuous integration and continuous deployment. But doing updates was still a manual job of running update commands and creating pull requests. I was sure we could do better. Enter Violinist

Composer and violinist

Composer is an open source package manager, and Violinist builds on top of composer. It does not try to enforce any new ways of defining dependencies, or workarounds to be able to update. It just does the tedious task of updating your composer files and sending pull requests about it.

Open source

Being made from a large number of Open Source software comes with a responsibility, Violinist is committed to supporting Open Source software, both in terms of contributing back and offering free services to Open Source projects.


Most of the parts of Violinist are already open source, and more components are being added all the time. In the company where I work (Frontkom in Norway) we have allocated time every week to contribute to open source projects, and since we are using it ourselves, we are comitted to supporting Violinist as part of running our consulting business.


Our roadmap is public, and it can be found here.


If you have any suggestions, comments, questions or just want to give props on the fancy animated gif on the frontpage, we would love to hear from you!