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PHP updates that knows PHP

Do you want to get one pull request for symfony/yaml , symfony/form , symfony/translation and other symfony packages that are typically released at the same time? With you can!

Feature rich for all types of PHP apps

Is your code hosted on a self hosted gitlab or bitbucket? Are your packages on private packagist? Do you need an SSH key to run composer install? has you covered either way

Supports teams of all
sizes is used by freelancers and hobbyists as well as agencies and large organizations. 1000 employees and 2 repos or 10 employees and 200 repos? We have a plan for you!

The old, boring way

  • composer update vendor/package
  • git checkout -b fix/update-package
  • git commit composer.lock -m "Update vendor/package"
  • git push origin fix/update-package
  • Open pull request
  • Wait for tests to pass
  • Repeat for all projects with the same dependency

The new, easy way

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How does it work?

Think of Violinist as a member of your team. Imagine assigning composer package updates to said team member.

Violinist will dutifully check all of your projects for composer package updates. It will create a sensible commit message, and a useful merge request. You can test, review and merge just like your regular workflow. It's the reliability of a machine combined with the discipline of a dutiful team member. And since it is not healthy to expect your team members to work around the clock, assigning a machine to work around the clock makes updates more reliable and less fatiguing!

Violinist screenshot and demonstration

Watch a short animated GIF of Violinist in use.

Integrates with your VCS provider integrates into your existing workflow. Whether you are using Github, Bitbucket, Gitlab (hosted or self-hosted) we got you covered. And since only creates pull requests, your existing workflow of code review, CI and CD will work just as normal!

Extensive feature list to fit your workflow

Do you need to get notifications on package updates that are not compatible with your project? Do you have private packages with only ssh access? Do you want to customize messages per project, or assign people to review PRs? No worries, we got you covered!

Update with confidence

Every pull request comes with a changelog for the updated packages. This way you can get a quick view of the changes you are about to merge in, and even browse the commit if you want the detailed view.

We open source

The platform was built on open source software, which is why monitoring open source software will always be free!

Ready to get started?

The tireless updating machine Violinist is already at work for agencies, organizations and hobbyists. Signing up is free!

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